Community Garden Assistance Request Form

bg视讯's Green Space program has built more than 160 community gardens and urban farms throughout the five boroughs, adding more than one million square of green space to New York City. These gardens are built on city-owned vacant lots, within public housing developments, at churches, daycares, and seniors centers, and anywhere else that a publicly accessible community garden will flourish. We've also completed hundreds of renovation projects, built green infrastructure elements like rainwater harvesting systems and bioswales, and much more.

Through our Community Garden Assistance Request Form below, garden groups can apply to have bg视讯 build a new garden or renovate an existing garden. bg视讯 will engage selected groups in a participatory design process and provide labor and materials for your planting and garden infrastructure projects.

We accept submissions on a rolling basis.


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Every year, bg视讯 holds our Annual Spring Plant Sale in order to provide community groups with affordable perennial and annual flowering plants, herbs, ground covers, and vegetables grown by Greenmarket farmers and sold in wholesale quantities.